Phone snatched? Follow our guide for your safety.

With increased poverty and recession our beloved country has been under the plaque of armed robbery and mobile snatching especially in the city of Karachi. Under such cases one is relatively clueless about what to do when his belongings are taken away, but don’t worry we’re here to help you out.


Whenever your cellphone is snatched follow these steps right after it:

  • Call the network helpline and get your number blocked. This is important because your number can be used in any illegal activity and since it is registered under your name, you’ll be accountable for it.
  • Call CPLC and get your phone’s IMEI blocked. This is again important because if this is not done then your phone can be resold. If the IMEI is blocked then your phone more or less becomes useless, this however doesn’t mean that they don’t have a way past it but they’ll have to go an extra mile for that.

Steps to block your sim card:

Call your respective telecom service provider from any no. you don’t necessarily have to call from that particular service providers no., you can even use your PTCL for this.

Given below are the UAN numbers of the major telecom providers in Pakistan.


(City Code) 111-222-111


(City Code) 111-111-321


(City Code) 111 345 100


(City Code) 111-300-300



City Codes:

Some of these even offer the service to deliver a new sim card free of cost to your doorstep in such cases.

Steps to block your IMEI number:

The IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) is a unique set of 15 digit number used on GSM phones to identify them. As the SIM card is associated with the user and can be swapped from phone to phone, a method is needed to keep track of the hardware itself, and that’s why the IMEI was developed.

Here’s how to block it:

– You can get your IMEI number from the back of your phone box or if you don’t have it then check it by dailing *#06#.

  • Store this number somewhere as it is imperative in blocking it through CPLC.
  • Call CPCL (Citizens Police Liaison Committee) on their UAN  (City Code) 111 222 345 and provide them with your phone’s IMEI and other details they ask for and get it blocked.

Viola you’ve successfully saved yourself from getting involved in anything shady and at the same time made that robbers life difficult.


Other steps for your security:

  • Always use a screen lock be it pattern password, face lock or fingerprint.
  • Almost every smartphone these days provides an option to encrypt the phone, do this so that your SD Card cannot be accessed via any other device.
  • Use Google security options to protect your data and erase/block it in such cases.
  • Turn on the phones anti theft protocol if it offers you that.
  • Use app lock to lock applications which may have sensitive or personal data and keep the pattern or password different from your screen lock.

That’s all from our side folks, stay safe and keep your data safe.

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