Foodpanda; Good Food Tour: 4 eateries, 4 hours, 20 people; challenge accepted!

We were invited to the Foodpanda food tour where we had to visit 4 eateries and try them out. The panel had Tribeca Cafe and Bistro, Chatterbox Deli, Barcelos and, Praguery.

Here’s a review of how it went:

It started off at Foodpanda’s office where the CEO explained the whole process and answered to the common issues that customers complained about. Videos of that have been posted in our story on Instagram. With over 3600 eateries already on board they’re expanding not only in Karachi but also other cities, so put the braces on people.

After the briefing, we left for the eateries and ended up at Tribeca first. The place is small but looks beautiful, as soon as you enter you get a look at the bar which is well stocked and a couple of posters and paintings on the wall. After being seated for around 20 minutes, we were served with beef steaks and chicken. The beef steaks lacked flavor but were well done, the chicken however tasted good along with sauces. We were served with two types of tacos as well. Of these grilled steak tasted better compared to the fish one.

Our next stop was Chatterbox Deli and they were ready to serve as soon as we were seating. The table consisted of a couple of coolers for everyone in the form of mint lemonade and lemonade, the main courses included Paprika Nachos, Spicy fried rice, Korean chicken rice, Korean chicken sliders, Turkey bacon & tomato basil pasta.

Each of these items were unique in flavor and gave a good feel. The pasta, however lacked flavor and the nachos seemed a bit thick.

Third stop; Barcelos: It’s a very well organized and beautiful eatery that makes you feel at ease and keeps you engaged in the architecture and decor. Our food here was served within 5-10 minutes. First we got their Chicken Feta wraps and fries. The wraps were generously filled with chicken and sauce; it had a good taste overall. However, too much sauce made the fries soggy. Next came the Espetada, the presentation of this was amazing and made it really appealing but the overwhelming salt amount made its flavor less tempting.

Finally our last stop was the Praguery. This place was overall a really good experience with everything having a unique and amazing taste. We tried their Jalapeño Chicken, Praguery original, Oreo overload, Ferrero Chimney and Red velvet. This was like an icing on the cake kind of ending and left us all with a night to remember.

Overall, the Food tour experience was a really good one where everything was very well organized from the transportation to the restaurant seating, food and hospitality. Would love to join them again on the next food tour!

Photo Credits: foodpanda

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