A cause turned into a circus – Only in Pakistan…

So recently a campaign started about Dowry (Jahez) by UN Women Pakistan Chapter where multiple celebrities wrote “Jahez khori band karo” on their palm with mehendi and posted with a stop gesture. However, the campaign took a horrible turn because the masses weren’t able to accept/understand it and rather compared it to the families weighing the guys’ financial stability.

Guys all over started posting about stopping families from looking into their income as well if the jahez campaign is to be stopped. Wow. So you’re saying both are interrelated?

Dude, family asking about your income means they want to know if you’ll be able to support their daughter and be able to afford the lifestyle she deserves. Dowry, on the other hand, is you being a good for nothing sorry ass who wants things for free because hey, by marrying their daughter you’re doing them a favor right?

If guys are seriously comparing the salary demands with Jahez then it clearly shows your mentality and if you’re okay with Jahez then you’ll also be okay with asking the girls family for money after marriage. Pressuring her family for money even after the marriage so that you don’t have to work but still get to live a luxurious life.

Coming to the other point where people are blatantly criticizing celebrity marriages and the amount of money they’ve spent on the marriage, all we’ve got to say is STOP BEING JEALOUS. Pakistanis as a nation are one of those species who are never happy with what they have and are jealous of others for what they lack. We don’t want to work hard because we find it easier to pull others down. The weddings of these celebrities were sponsored, completely in some cases.

Now how is this related to jahez?

It just shows your lack of understanding of the cause or maybe the inner desire and hunger of free goods that makes you target things that are not even remotely close to the picture. The money these celebrities spent on their wedding was something they did willingly and their sponsors paid for it. The girl’s family wasn’t pressured to pay a heavy amount and buy multiple gifts for the guy’s family just because he was kind enough to marry her.

Next come rushing the senseless memes. Some ranting about chilgozay prices, others about molvis. This nation can take nothing seriously…

Please, people, please. As a nation we need to accept our flaws and before turning a cause into a circus without understanding it just makes things worse. Your financial standing, a celebrity’s expense on their marriage or the rates of chilgozay and molvi etc are not related to the cause. Girl’s die, get tortured, families get destroyed and a whole life is ruined because of Jahez…

Makeup by Zainab Taha

Worse part of the problem is that even influencers and popular pages are involved in making fun of this. Through our forum we request you all to please stop using causes for cheap engagement and publicity. Support a good cause…

P.S: Not a fan of AimenMuneeb, or any of the other celebrities so no favoritism there.

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