Isme ghalat kya hai?

Pakistan is naturally a beautiful country. However, the insensitive attitude of the citizens to a great extent has affected the way it is now portrayed to the world. We have wall chalking literally everywhere along with garbage on every nook and cranny. Karachi – the city which was once known as the cleanest city in East – is now not only polluted but we have also destroyed its charm in several other ways.

A group of seven students from SZABIST, Karachi are currently working on a campaign called Discover Pakistan through which they aim to highlight the major flaw in the attitude of the masses. So often we see people rolling down their car windows just to throw trash. Or the cigarette butts left on the roads after a smoke. Institutes cannot keep a check on everyone to make sure they’re not harming the environment in any way. But if each one of us acts responsibly we will definitely see a visible change.

It’s about time we stop playing the blame game and hold ourselves accountable for our acts. We need to stop saying Isme Ghalat Kya Hai? Ye tou sab karte hain. It’s time to be a role model for others and be the change we want to see. It’s about time we stop finding flaws in the country and start looking at what we are doing. Are we keeping our city clean? Are we stopping someone from doing the wrong act? Play your role today for a healthy environment tomorrow.

Discover Pakistan takes you on a journey of self-awareness  using Virtual Reality showing Pakistan’s actual beauty and what we have done to it because until we’re not willing to change, no one can help. It’s time to accept our mistakes and make them right!

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