The more the merrier.

Isn’t that what we all say especially when it comes to ice-creams and cakes?

So 29th September marked the launch of Baskin-Robbins third outlet in Karachi and this time they’ve come to SMCHS that is also known to be the center of the city and the food hub.

It’s been quite a while since I had their ice-creams, and this was my first experience in Pakistan.

We had a decent experience, however, felt a couple of things that could’ve resonated well with the launch and brand.

The launch was set for 3pm, and cues had started forming already as they did at the Clifton branch. People were going crazy to have a go at this place, firstly because it’s accessible to a greater population and secondly because they were giving FREE ICE-CREAMS to first 31 customers for a year, while the next 100 were to get vouchers of free ice cream for a whole month! That makes all the rush and people’s feelings justified.

Due to the huge crowd, we skipped the initial launch and went there late night to enjoy our ice-creams post dinner. The customers kept walking in but thankfully the dine in area was peaceful.

The taste is overall good, better than the local brands obviously but not quite the same as you would get abroad. I love mint chocolate and certainly the one I had here was not as rich as the one in Dubai. Peanut butter and chocolate lived up to our expectations. Couldn’t try all 31 flavors but from those we did, we found Cotton Candy to be the third best.

We tried a couple of other flavors as well but only liked Cotton Candy from them. Love potion, cookies n cream and few others we had were not so appealing. Blueberry seemed totally off as it had ice crystals.

Talking about the ambiance, it was well lit and spacious. The restroom was clean, too.

Our best wishes are with Baskin-Robbins. Looking forward to see them expand further in Karachi.

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