Restaurant Review: Khazanaکھانا by TiffinWalay

Khazanaکھانا – A gentle touch of fine dining to all the cuisines

Those who follow our posts know how often we eat out therefore the food has to be reasonably priced and delicious at the same time. Great ambiance is a plus, of course. We went to this newly opened restaurant, Khana Khazana at Badar Commercial for Sunday dinner and we were surprised to see over a 100 dishes in the menu ranging from Italian to Continental to BBQ. Well, of course in situations where such mouthwatering options are available I get indecisive because you can’t really order everything on the menu. So with the help of the suggestions from the owner and manager we decided to order Spicy Mexican Wings with tartar sauce as appetizer followed by Alfredo pasta, Galouti Kebab, Western Cheese Burger and Normandy fish as main courses. Complimentary crackers were served as soon as we were seated.

Spicy Mexican Wings were one of the best ones I’ve had in Karachi. They were tangy and spicy. Not the spiciness that kills you later with chest burn.

Next we had Galouti Kebab, which I was glad to learn was originated for the toothless Nawab of Lucknow. It was super soft, mild and delicious. If you’re taking kids along who can’t handle spices but are picky eaters you should definitely order this one.

The Special Alfredo pasta was OH-SO-YUM! The white sauce was flavorful and had the perfect consistency. I know where I am taking my Pasta obsessed friend next time.

Western Cheese Burger; the presentation got me even before I took a bite of that burger. Onions rings, cheese, grilled chicken, coleslaw, tomatoes, cucumbers, all in one burger with a generous amount of sauce pouring out.

Last we had Fish Normandy; well, this was a first time for me. I rarely eat fish anywhere but this looked so tempting with the creamy sauce on it. Also, turned out they use fresh fish instead of frozen so I was really eager to try it. Loved it! The sauce was so good I ended up eating my fries with it.

The service was spot on. The cutlery was at place and most importantly the manager was eager to hear our feedback. Such attitude of the staff shows how well trained they are and their willingness to improve.

Highly recommended!

When are we going here again? Probably on the 14th of August since they’re offering 25% discount on that day and they have beautifully decorated the place and a playlist compiled for the occasion.

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