Chicken Mandi

Restaurant Review: Kitchen 2

We are always on a lookout for new eateries and some time had passed since we had been to one hence we headed to Kitchen 2 on Tipu Sultan Road.
Located in the centre of the city, Kitchen 2 is easily accessible to all although parking can be an issue if you don’t opt for their free valet services.

As soon as we reached, we handed over the car to the valet and entered the restaurant to find a calm and peaceful ambiance with soft music playing in the background, giving the restaurant the touch of a fine dining. We were seated right away and the server brought us the menu in the blink of an eye.
While browsing the menu, we found Furooj and Chicken Mandi appealing so ordered these right away. The food was served within twenty minutes which isn’t bad considering it was cooked fresh and served hot. Also, we had a screen to watch the match so the time flew away.

Furooj was served in a platter, or should we call it a thali, along with pita, garlic sauce, hummus, salad and pickles and another spicy sauce. The chicken was mild but juicy which could be felt in every bite. The garlic sauce complemented the chicken and pita really well. Hummus was good, too.
Price: Rs 895/half


Chicken Mandi was another dish we were having for the first time and we really liked it. The chicken was properly marinated and grilled. The rice were flavourful and the serving was very generous considering we ordered a half. Two persons with a normal appetite can easily devour this dish.
Price: Rs 995/half

Chicken Mandi

We found the taste, quality and quantity to be spot on! There can be a slight improvement in the presentation that’d make the experience even better. The prices are reasonable too considering what they’re offering and our bill with BOGO discount came to be Rs 1241.

Coming to the service, the servers were alert throughout and made sure that they attended all the customers in a timely manner. The cutlery, napkins, plates, glasses; all were there on the table before the customers were seated. We were super glad to see that we didn’t have any complaints with regard to the hygiene. Everything was taken very well care of.

We wish Kitchen 2 all the best and hope they maintain their standards! Recommended to all!

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