Restaurant Review: 67 East

When you hear 67 East, the first thing that comes to your mind is direction. 67 East is located in the heart of Zamzama Commercial. Easy to locate.

As we parked the car right opposite the restaurant and headed towards it we found it to be somewhat shady but our opinions changed when we entered the place. The life guards and the ship’s steering wheel on our left and right and the fishing net towards the staircase caught our attention.

We photographed these and climbed the stairs to find a spacious themed hall; that of a ship or we can say at sea.

It was a weekend and surprisingly the restaurant had just a handful of customers. Impressed with the ambiance, we decided to have our lunch here only. Was it a good decision? Read ahead to find out.

The menu was presented to us right away and we ordered Pollo Relleno and CaseosoPollo.

While the kitchen was preparing our main courses, we looked around at the beautiful dark blue chairs which probably had silken covers. This restaurant has a touch of fine dining although their prices are very nominal.

Decoration for birthday parties.

The sunlight coming in provided us with the perfect lighting to take pictures.


PolloRelleno, 67 East’s signature grilled chicken was served within twenty minutes. The grilled chicken breasts were filled with pinenuts, cashews and walnuts, and came with a side of fries. There are other options as well such as mashed potatoes and herb rice. I hogged down the fries in no time and slowly ate the chicken relishing every bite of it.


The other main course we ordered, CaseosoPollo, was grilled chicken stuffed with feta cheese, jalapenos and bell peppers, topped with starboard sauce which was quite spicy. We felt the chicken to be a bit overcooked and therefore dry; however, the generous sauce made up for it.


The prices were pretty reasonable considering our total bill for two main courses after using our BOGO voucher was only Rs 960.

If you’re someone who wants to dine in at a quiet, peaceful and a well lit restaurant, 67 East is for you!


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