Iylshcleem has been our go to place since the day we tried it thanks to BOGO. We were amazed by the quality and quantity that they provided at that time and thoroughly fell in love with it.

Earlier this week, we were invited to try out their amazing new outlet at Badar commercial and it’s time to review it:

We reached their outlet at main Badar commercial, it’s very prominent out there with their unique color scheme and logo. The place is also big enough so that you can easily sit their and enjoy your dessert.

We personally loved the way they have decorated the places, it gives all those kiddy vibes. The colourful sofas lighting, the wallpaper everything seems really good and appealing. So we got hold of the menu after having a quick look around we decided to try their Miss Brownie and Blueberry icecream rolls along with strawberry shake. The best part about the icecream is that its made right in front of you and you can just feel the taste as its being made.

Here’s the review:

Miss Brownie:

Chocolate icecream blended with brownie this was a delight for me with the right amount of sweetness. It was soft smooth and was of good quality and quantity.

Blueberry Ice cream Roll:

Original blueberry taste could be felt with every scoop. The taste is rare around the city, loved it.

Strawberry shake:

Balanced sweetness and rather light, this one was a real good feel in the heat!

The lovely ambiance, excellent service and of course their ice creams and shakes will definitely be bringing us here again!

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