Restaurant Review: Paramount Fine Foods

Paramount: Authentic Lebanese cuisine comes to Karachi!

There have been pop ups all around Karachi claiming to provide the authentic flavors from Lebanon but seldom do they meet the mark.

Recently Urban Redefined was invited by Paramount to try their palate at the new SMCHS outlet, and since I had a bite from their Luckyone Mall outlet a while back I was really excited about it.

Now reaching the place the you just get stricken by awe in the way it’s so delicately placed in the midst of the rush at SMCHS, the outlet being prominent and well designed.

Upon entering the building you’re welcomed by a clean environment and the view of an open kitchen where you can see everything being cooked right in front of you.

I decided to go with the chef, Ali Hamka’s, recommendations for the day as he’s here all the way from Lebanon and I wanted to try the palate he recommended.

As I awaited my order I was served with this huge fluffy straight out of the oven pita bread along with hummus and some fillings, so that one can munch on it while the order gets ready. I made a small wrap using the pita and all the fillings as you can see in the picture below and it just tasted wow. Never thought my taste buds would react to a wrap without meat but they did to this one!

After around 20 minutes the main courses were up along with our drinks and here’s a review of it:

Yalla Special

Now who doesn’t love a good dose of fries and chicken concocted together with authentic Lebanese sauces. This was a combination that you would fell in love with if you’re a meat and fires lover!

Butter Chicken Pizza

A flat bread layered with cheese, in-house butter chicken sauce and shawarma chicken. This tasted really good but I could use a bit more cheese in it.

Mix Combo Platter

Now this one’s a bit tricky to go by as it has so many things in it. This meaty venture that I dwelled in comprised of the following:
– Chicken and beef shawarma
– Fattoush

– Kafta skewers

-Shish tawouk skewers

– BBQ beef skewers

– Falafel

– Tahini sauce

Each and everyone of these brought a new and young taste to my mouth, I especially loved the way that lamb was cooked. The presentation was just amazing, you look at it and just want to keep staring at this work of art.

Coming to the drinks, I tried:

Lebanese Mint Lemonade

A true winner! I gotta say this one’s the best mint lemonade I’ve had in K-town. No over powering and ridiculous amount of ice was added to this which most of the places out there do. It was chilled and had such a refreshing taste that I just fell in love with it.

Apple Ginger Fresh juice

This was a nice touch to the picture as seldom you find an eatery serving fresh juices. Loved this combo and the taste was really refreshing and filling.

Overall for me, Paramount is the perfect place if you want a decent ambiance and authentic flavors from Lebanon which comes from their chef Ali Hamka who’s from Lebanon, more so we’ve been told that the spices used in the food are also imported from Lebanon. No wonder the food was so rightly balanced when it came to the spices.

We will definitely be visiting them again.

Food: 8.5/10
Quality: 8.5/10
Ambiance: 9/10
Service: 8.5/10
Location: 8.5/10
Overall: 43/50

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