Do you really need a gym to get FIT?

The answer is NO! Yes, a big fat NO!!!

Let’s start by going over the things that actually make you put on weight before coming towards losing it.

Now the thing that really makes that belly pop out is none other than those junk cravings that we all keep having. That cheesy bites you love, well they’re the ones responsible for that family pack you have. Junk usually is considered by many as only limited to packed foods but seldom we realize that almost any food that is not cooked at home or in a healthy environment with more fats and fewer nutrients is considered as unhealthy or as we call it, junk.

Your body has a capacity of burning out calories on its own during your normal routine, this is termed as metabolic rate. Now, this metabolic rate differs from person to person and if you want to know what your MR is, just get a BMR done. You can follow us up on how to interpret a BMR.
Now let’s suppose that you have a metabolic rate of 1500 and now you just carry on with a casual diet and let’s say that throughout the day you consumed 2300cals, so:
Overall: 2300cals
MR: 1500cals
Excess: 800cals
Now in excess, you’ve eaten around 800cals and since you’re not working out these 800cals get stored in your body and result in you gaining weight!

So since we’re done explaining to you rather generally how you gain weight, let’s start with how to lose it. The answer which usually floats around to this question is exercise, but what most people don’t know is that 75% of the weight loss and fitness is dependent on diet.

Now the exercise part you can either hit the gym, join a boot camp or you can do it at home. Several people have reservations when it comes to training at home about the form and angles but all those are catered really well by apps like Nike Training Club, Home workouts and many more. They tell you the angle and you can even make your own routine on them based on the equipment and space you have.
Coming to the diet part, well protein and simple carbs are what the usual need is when you’re aiming for weight loss. Several meal plans are available over the internet and you should consult a nutritionist before going on a diet and this part we do emphasize on. Please do not go on just any diet recommended by any wannabe fitness geek, go to a proper nutritionist for your diet plans.

So, the point that we have actually tried to convey is that fitness is not limited to the gym.
You can get fit even if you’re at home, because, it’s a lifestyle!

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