Restaurant Review: Moos N Clucks

Moos ‘n’ Clucks – A casual getaway If you’re looking for an affordable quick fix for those burger and cheesy cravings then you ought to hit this eatery.

Overall experience: 7.5/10

When you’re with friends, seldom you opt for options that are on the fine dining side or high end side. You’re in need of a quick bite at the most affordable price without damaging your taste buds. This place caters to such getaways and provides you with that casual environment to be comfortable in.

So a couple of days back we visited this place and ordered a couple of things and here’s a review of them:

Chicken Cheese Poppers:

4 Crispy chicken strips filled with creamy cheese sauce and topped with honey mustard, these beauties are a killer. On top of that considering the price, you just need to try them out! On every bite you can feel the tender chicken and the sauces blending together to give you that tantalizing sensation.
Price: 220
Points: 4/5

Beast Fries & Cottage Fries

They don’t joke when they say beast. These beast fries was topped generously with minced beef, cheese and sauces. The fries were crispy, well cooked and felt amazing. The cottage fries were no far behind, blended with the cheese and served with two chicken strips filled with creamy cheese and topped with honey mustard, they’re a showstopper if you’re a cheese lover.
Price: 160 each
Points: 4/5

JalapeƱo Royale Beef

Well this one didn’t really appeal to my taste buds. The sauce felt a bit off with this one and was a bit too spicy and left a bad tinge. The patty however was tender and well cooked.
Price: 260
Points: 2/5

Portland Winner Beef

This is your signature beef patty burger loaded with cheese topping and creamy sauces. It feels good when you take a bite of this providing satisfaction to those cheesy creamy feeling with the tender beef blending in.
Price: 260
Points: 3/5

Gooey Blue

A must try and a definite winner. A chicken patty filled with cheese, topped with honey mustard and delicately placed between two soft bun slices. This was a burger that was surely made with love.
Price: 280
Points: 4/5

Mac N Cheese Bunless Burger

Well this was a mixed review with out group. Being a Mac and Cheese lover, I was mesmerized by every bite of this beauty whereas the rest of us were not that impressed. As the delicately fried macaroni patties combined with a chicken patty and a mother load of cheese and honey mustard, this burger was a come back soon sign for me.
Price: 340
Points: 3.5/5


Well its a pretty small place and you can feel a bit crammed if you’re in a big group. It also doesn’t have any restrooms which is not at all, ‘okay’. They need to accommodate a restroom there.
Points: 2.5/5


Well the service is really good. The staff and management are both very courteous and the order time is also pretty efficient. Really satisfied with it.
Points: 4/5

Food: 8/10
Service: 8/10
Ambiance: 7.5/10
Value for money: 8.5/10
Quality: 8/10

Total: 40/50

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