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Tooney Teez – Wear your shows!

Well the e-commerce business has been on a boom since the past couple of years and every other day we see an ad on Facebook about a new fashion store.

So the other day I was just browsing through my timeline and saw this cool t-shirt and clicked the image and popped open the Tooney Teez site. As I scourged through the collection my heart and mind started to have a conflict as the collection was too good to be true. The designs I had thought of or looked at internationally were available here and it was pretty cool.  I went through the bundle offers and found out this crazy deal that was going on with 5 printed t-shirts in Rs 2100 and a trouser on sale for Rs 1100. The total bill being Rs 4000 with free delivery. With some doubt about the legitimacy of the store as much e-stores in Pakistan are involved in scams and frauds, I showed some hesitance but seeing that a friend placed an order for me as a birthday gift.

The delivery was scheduled and was received in four days. The packaging was pretty normal, nothing fancy about it but the products themselves were outstanding. 

T-shirts: Well all of the shirts are of good quality and the print is very fine. This review is being posted after I’ve experienced a wash of 3-4 times of them. The print is crisp and smooth, a perfect laser one, and the material is soft and stretchable, which when worn gives a good look.

Vest:  The perfect gym look, with good quality stretchable material and the perfect tagline to go with it, “No Pain, No Gain”. This one’s a winner for me.

Trouser: Dry-Fit, stretchable, elegant design and good material combined with a competitive price. This trouser is a killer.

Service: Well the store was accommodating enough to listen to the instructions precisely. Moreover, the trouser sent had some printing fault and without an argument or second words they offered to replace it ASAP and we received a fresh shipment within a week. Really impressed by this as most stores these days create a lot of drama in this and even ask you to pay for one way shipping even though it’s not the customers fault. These guys sent the new product and the same rider collected the old one. Much respect in this regard!

Quality: 4/5

Price: 3.5/5

Collection: 4/5

Website: 4/5

Service: 4.5/5

Overall: 20/25

P.S. All pictures belong to Tooney Teez

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