Restaurant Review: Ranoush Villa

Karachi is famous for its blooming food industry and budding restaurants are giving a tough competition to the old ones. Ranoush Villa took this chance to bring even better delicacies and ambiance for its customers and stand out amongst the crowd.

Ranoush Villa, famous for their RED BURGER, invited us for food tasting and we reached there to find it had been totally revamped.

A new menu, better ambiance, and impeccable service was what we were provided with.

We started with their Tomato Basil Soup that left us totally impressed. Each ingredient was balanced perfectly with none overpowering the other. It wouldn’t be wrong to call it comfort food.

Fajita Nachos were next on our to-try list and not exaggerating but they were the best I have ever had. They had a generous amount of chicken and cheese, and remained crispy till the end. If you’re looking for the best nachos, Ranoush is the place to be.

Mozzarella Cheese Balls were served next. We like ours cheesier so we conveyed the message to the Chef himself as well as the owner Mr Ansar who was hearing our feedback with all ears.

For main courses, we had their Entrecote Steak, Moroccan Chicken, Cashew Nut Chicken, Spaghetti Shrimps Pasta and Crispy Stuffed Burger. Of these Spaghetti Shrimps Pasta and Beef Burger stole the show.

The Spaghetti Shrimp Pasta was absolutely divine. It was a bit spicy for us but we loved it. The shrimps were well-cooked and the dish was thoroughly enjoyable and bursting with flavours.

Crispy Stuffed Burger was one of the best we have had here in Karachi. The beef was juicy and well-marinated with a generous amount of cheese. Not too much. Not too little. The buns, too, were baked in house and we were glad they could hold all the meat and cheese without crumbling down which is what happens at most burger places.

Followed by the main courses came the desserts and they looked just beautiful! They were so tempting that we did not feel like spoiling the fantastic presentation. As expected, the temptation got the better of us and we devoured them to the last bite.

Frosted brownie and cookie were served with vanilla ice cream. They were such a perfect combination of hot and cold dessert. We particularly loved the hot chocolate oozing out from the cookie.


We would definitely be visiting Ranoush Villa again once they have been officially re-launched which is happening soon!

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