UR at Karachi Fit by Aisha Aj and Mehreen Hussain

Fitness is a Fad; we’re trying to make it a lifestyle – Aisha Aj

Fitness industry has struggled but is improving – Mehreen Hussain

We still have a long way to go in our fitness industry – Wasif Muhammad

Over the years we’ve seen a sudden boom in the fitness industry with several boot camps, round the corner gyms, and fitness centres popping up all around the city. The check and balance on these with respect to qualification of the trainers and their team has been nill so  far and as a result we’ve seen several cases of people suffering from protein overdose, torn muscle/tissue and/or other health issues.

The concept of Karachi Fit is one that bestows the knowledge of several highly qualified trainers to the people who want to/need to get fit. A one hour burnout session with chunks of different styles by each trainer was something which we loved.

The concept of the event was not to just burn it out but rather to let one find his comfort zone in the workout style that best suits him and appeals him.

07 different styles were presented in the session:

  • HIIT + MetCon by Mehreen Hussain
  • Zumba by Aisha Aj
  • MMA by Danish Mazhar
  • Dance Aerobics by Maddy
  • Cross-Training by Wasif Muhammad
  • Pilates by Maliha
  • Yoga by Ajlaan

Each of these workouts lasted for about 10-15 minutes and gave one the core flavour of what he/she could expect once they go for such classes.

The best part about it was that each and every one of these trainers is highly qualified and an expert in their field thus it was challenging and fun at the same time.

The workout was followed by a healthy protein rich and calorie based breakfast by NuTrack. The meal consisted of an egg whites omelette braided with minced chicken, topped with olives and served with two slices of neatly cut brown bread. The meal itself was one that not only looked delicious but tasted amazing. Probably the best egg whites omelette I’ve had in a while.

Overall the experience was one not to be missed and if you did then don’t worry more chapters of Karachi Fit will be coming soon, you just have to stay tuned 😉

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