Restaurant Review: Elemento Caffé

The newly opened Elemento Caffé at Tariq Road, Karachi, blew away my mind. Amazing services combined with perfect ambiance and good food. This is the place if you want to celebrate an occasion the right way. So, the other day I had planned a small surprise birthday for a friend and since I wasn’t sure of our availability I just called an hour before going to the place if they could arrange the decorations and guess what? They agreed and told me that they were complimentary. Like, wow.

We reached the place and the decorations were pretty amazing, we were even given a sofa arrangement even though we were only 2 of us. We availed our BOGO vouchers and ordered their Chicken strips, Beef Burger and Quarter Chicken.

Chicken Strips

The strips came after roughly around ten minutes and I was stunned to see the quantity since it was pretty good. They were a bit dry and oily but combined with their sauce, it was good.

Beef  Burger

Served with fries this was one of the best beef burgers I’ve had in a while in K-Town. It was juicy, had no fat and had the right amount of ingredients to make you fall in love with it.

Grilled Chicken

Served with pita bread, flavoured brown rice and sauce, this beauty is a must try for grill lovers. With each bite you could taste the love and delicacy with which it .was cooked. The right amount of BBQ spices made it not too spicy or too bland and one can easily devour it.


Well, like I said they were able to do the birthday decor within an hour. That topped up with me asking to serve them with gifts holding flowers which I gave them and they just did it amazingly. Loved their service as they patiently and happily catered to all my requests.

They have indoor and outdoor seating arrangements.

Overall, Elemento Caffé helped me turn a special day into a perfect one with good food, service and ambiance. We paid Rs 975 + tip for all this after BOGO discount.

Taste: 9/10

Service: 9/10

Ambiance: 9/10

Price: 9/10

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