Facing trouble remembering things? Follow these tips!

We often complain about forgetfulness and having a bad memory. Being someone who remembers the tiniest details I have got some tips for you which have been really very helpful.

  1. Repeat.

Repeat as many times as possible. I remember how we were made to learn spellings at school. This always worked. As a kid I didn’t remember the difference between Dhania (Coriander) and Podina (Mint) I used to repeat what Mum asked me to buy until I reached the Green Grocer. Still do the same but for telephone numbers.

2. Associate.

Connect the dots. Relate it with something you already remember. For instance, I remember my Virgo friends’ birthdays because my mum is one and their birthdays fall very close to each other.

3. Avoid stress.

We overthink and take stress without even knowing. This not only affects our physical health but also our mental health. Therefore, we forget things quite easily. It’s difficult to get rid of it completely but giving a shot won’t be harmful. Would it?

4. Create a mnemonic.

Yes! You can do this, too. That’s how my mum taught me how to remember which months of the year has 30 days and which has 31.

5. Be attentive. Focus.

See what you are doing. Observe. Ponder over it. When you’ll focus, you’ll remember. Remember the day when the teacher said he will take a surprise test and you paid attention to the lecture that day?

6. Organize.

Being organized is a great trait in itself. Things not only look neat and clean but they’re also easy to find. When you’ll keep an object at a designated area you’ll never forget it.

7. Challenge your brain.

Keep your mind busy in healthy activities. Play music. Read books. Solve puzzles. Challenge your friends in mind boggling games. The more you use your brain, the more it develops.

8. Workout.

Working out not only helps you physically but also mentally. It helps your mind work faster and retain information better.

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