Gym- A wrong turn?

Obesity, overweight, bulging bellies, chubby cheeks are all things we don’t like but seldom do we get up to do something about them. Even those who do are sometimes demotivated by the very places who claim to help people get in the ideal shape.

Nowadays, every street-corner has a gym opened either in an apartment or on the roof of some house with so-called trainers. Proper gyms and training centres are scarce and those who are; charge an arm and a leg for the services and are too far for the majority. Thus, the only place left for most of us are these street corner gyms and that’s totally fine unless they don’t play with your mind, body and diet without properly assessing it.

Let’s start with a couple of personal experiences.

A couple of months ago I finally decided to get in shape and joined a chain of a very well-known gym around the city called Get Smart. I visited it once before registration and found the packages quite reasonable and decided to opt for personal training which was sold to me in the way that “A trainer will be with me for a complete hour workout and provide a suitable diet plan and exercises as per my body’s requirements”. I was assured of a good weight loss and shape within 3 months with proper diet and exercise but sadly this was just a ruse to get me to register.

The trainer I had been showed was just there for show and would sit around making fun of people. I was assigned a trainer who himself was a member of the gym and had just spent a couple of months there and knew few exercises without any proper knowledge of what area they actually target. The training started and the first 2 weeks were nothing like I expected. There was no personal training, the trainer kept vanishing, going out or showing others their workout while it was “Personal Training” time. Maybe the gym didn’t know the meaning of personal training, it doesn’t mean a group workout or trainer just telling the workout and vanishing, it means you stay with the member till the end of his workout! Well I left the gym after 3 months as no difference could be felt and it seemed more like a mental torture.

Another incident took place with a friend at a gym called Power Gym where the trainer made him do vigorous exercise and gave diet so rough that he fell sick during the first week of his training.

Metropolitan was another one but the facility was a bit better than the other two mentioned above, the trainer however had the same story.

Point being, every gym doesn’t have a good trainer and every other hulk cannot be a good trainer. So please, be really careful while picking a gym/trainer for yourself. You cannot risk your health and your physique because of these quacks.

To help you guys better, we have compiled another write-up. Keep a look out for the next one!

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