PAWA- The Untold Story

I’m a graduate from one of the most prestigious institutions of Pakistan and as I was graduating I landed a job through my campus recruitment drives as a trainee engineer in one of the top-notch companies of Pakistan. Life was good people were impressed, jealous and envious all at the same time; I didn’t care about any of this and just focused on giving my best.

Time passed and my training came to an end upon which I was told that I couldn’t continue with the organization as the department was over hired. Satisfied with the fact that I had a respectable degree from one of the best institutions combined with this training experience I would land a job soon but boy was I naïve.

I started applying here and there, everywhere hoping to hear back and waited for days, but no reply. Parents, relatives, friends all started to ask questions and showed pity. The whole family started freaking out and kept pressuring me to ask people to do something for me without realizing the effect it would have on my consciousness or my ego. Still, susceptible to their wishes I forwarded my résumé wherever and whoever they asked me to send it to. My career aspirations, my interests, my love was of no value now only one thing mattered – GET A JOB!

Tired of this fiasco I started with tuition and teaching so that my family at least shuts down the drama of me doing nothing. The worst part was that I had tried to all the companies I knew of but none not a single one replied back. Even with a rejection note. At the same time those with contacts and relatives at high places kept getting hired and the pressure on me kept building ask people to look something for you.

My question, if this is how I was to land a job then why did I waste millions on my education or my nights for a good CGPA? Why did I stay late at my work so that I could train better if at the end of the day the only thing that could get me in an interview room was a call from someone high up the chain? Why?

This wasn’t written to demotivate anyone neither do we think that no one gets employed on the basis of merit. But yeah, most cases have this issue and unfortunately it’s trending now.

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