BOGO- A Savior


Pehle mai buhot darta tha

Date pe Jane se ghabrata tha

Doston se Milne katrata tha

Ke kahin kharcha zada na hjae

Par jabse mjhe BOGO mila meri zindagi asan hogai

ab pay aik k karta hun aur milte do hain



Just kidding. But yeah it’s true. BOGO is a life saver. To be honest, it’s the best app I have in my phone. In this era where the eateries charge whatever they want for a simple meal, this app allows you to get the second meal for FREE and if not that then a 50% off.

The best part is that it’s not only limited to food, it spans over a wide range of retail, entertainment and services, food and beauty and fitness vouchers!

And here’s a bummer, the application/the book costs only Rs 2000 and the savings I’ve had till now with just one app are more than 20k! Talk about savings.



With such discount schemes, you usually have issues where restaurants refuse the discount or the application doesn’t work but this has never been the case with BOGO. Their customer care is fabulous and they tend to take their customer complaints pretty seriously.

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