A night at the MANDI

Urban_Redefined.jpgEid-Ul-Azha, Bari Eid, is upon us and with it comes the cheering of kids, fragrance of animal waste, traffic jams and the noise of animals. Pakistan has the largest Animal Market – Mandi and has all kinds of animals. People from all over the country turn to major cities like Karachi, Lahore and Faisalabad to sell their animals. Karachi has been the largest market.

So this Eid, we paid several visits to the different Mandis in Karachi and trust us it was a tiring yet exhilarating experience!


Sorabh Goth Mandi – The largest Mandi of Asia located at national highway.

We visited this Mandi last Friday and today. On Saturday we hitched a ride with the empty vans going back to Mandi and he charged us Rs. 20 per person and dropped us off at Gate No.1 of the Cow Mandi. We started off our search for a decent looking animal and trust me it was hell tiring. It was 1:30 am when we reached the market and found all our animals by 8 in the morning! This tiresome trip and time was all thanks to the sellers through gate 1-15 who were not giving any reasonable rates. We walked from Gate 1 to Gate 27 and the distance was worth it! The same animal for which the seller was asking 1.5-2 lacs at Gate 1-15 was being sold at a price of 95K at Gate 27. We ravaged our way through the market at this gate and finally got our animals after a bargain of almost 50K each animal!


Today the situation of the market was totally different; we didn’t go to buy this time but rather just for the analysis. Most of the sellers were quoting reasonable rates today owing to the rain. The ground was unbearable to walk on, puddles of water, stench of the dung and wet animals had turned this beautiful place into a disaster. If you plan to visit this Mandi, do so at the earliest since most of the sellers are turning back.

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Kamran & Munawar Chowrangi Mandi (Gulistan-e-Johor)

Well I’ve always felt this Mandi to be hell expensive. None of the sellers quote the price worth the animals plus they’ve their brows over their head like they’ve I don’t know what.  Didn’t find this Mandi to be worth the time and money. I got the same goats at almost half the price of what these sellers were quoting as their final price.


Malir Mandi and Bhains Colony

These are probably the second most biggest Mandi of Karachi after the Sorabh goth Mandi. The rates of these are comparatively a bit high but if you’re good at bargaining, you maybe able to find a decent animal. The Bhains Colony Mandi however isn’t a place to  visit after sunset owing to the surrounding area. A lot of looting incidents have occurred in the past so if you’re planning to visit this one, better go in daylight.

Saforah Mandi

This Mandi is at par with the main Mandi. The sellers have reasonable rates as far as I have surveyed it, still I won’t be able to comment on it much since I haven’t explored it as much as I did the other ones!


Oh and I left out the most important part of the Mandi trips!
The garam Anday (boiled eggs), Chai (tea), Mong phalli (peanuts), malai cakes and the desi Parathay!

If you’ve gone to Mandi and haven’t had any of these, trust me you’ve missed something.

Share your experience in the comments below!

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