A Date Night


A play set on one of the oldest clichés as it began I felt that this one’s going to make me regret my decision for the passing 90 minutes but as a couple of minutes were down it caught me by surprise. The cast- Shaan Lashari, Waleed Zaidi, Mahnoor Khan, Shah Fahad and Sheherzade Noor Peerzada pulled off the show in such an interactive, hilarious and engaging way that it was hard to miss the punches.

Overall, the play was entertaining. Even though it was an adaptation of the script written by Derek Benfield; it was planned in such a beautiful way that we, the locals, Pakistanis, thoroughly enjoyed every second of it.


We found the seats at Karachi Arts Council to be more comfortable than any of the local cinemas have to offer which made our experience even better.

Dawar Lashari’s play, Date Night, is being acted out in Karachi since the 18th of August and will be continued till the 27th. We would recommend you to go watch it and have a great time with your friends and family but do keep in mind that it’s for 18+. If you still plan to take kids along, try to make sure they do not spoil the other audiences’ experience. Unfortunately, the day we went a lady behind us was on call throughout the play which was really disturbing.

Also, the ticket states that the show begins at 7:30pm and it began at 8:15pm. So, reach the venue accordingly to grab the best seats.

Cherry on top? Since Karachites often worry about the transportation as it’s one of the major issues to get somewhere, especially for girls, Careem solved the issue. Being the logistics partner they offered a 20% off on GO+ rides to and from KAC making it convenient and cheaper.

Overall rating:

Ticket price: 8/10

Acting: 7/10

Costumes: 7/10

Set: 7/10

Location: 8/10

Child friendly: 6/10

Food: 4/10 They only had popcorns available.

Rest room: 4/10 Weren’t near the auditorium itself but outside the building premises.

Further details can be found here: Date Night – A Musical Comedy (Event Page)

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